How To Promote Your Indie Game For Free? – Game Marketing 101

Learn How to promote your indie game

if you are alone developing your game, then probably knowing how to do the marketing for your indie game is crucial. Hundreds of new games are  being released every single day, so getting the word out about your game early on and often is the only way to gain visibility and downloads.

There are a lot of tricks that can be applied and most of them starts  as soon as you have something to show, you should start promoting your indie game. Developing a marketing strategy is the key to game success.


While researching for some Interesting game marketing 101 tutorial that will give some insights on how to promote your game for free, we have found this simple tutorial that covers  someof the interesting parts in a clear and basic way. The tutorial shares some free ways to market your indie game for free, get more followers and visibility for your new indie game.

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