Gdevelop Melee Combat System tutorial

Gdevelop Melee Combat System tutorial

Welcome to a new tutorial on G Develop. For those that are not regular watchers of our tutorials, we have a long run series on building a Contra Like game with G Develop. And when facing some difficulties with a specific part to the engine, we usually complement it with a focused tutorial.

In this case, we are not actually focusing in a problem, but rather starting also to answer to the community requests. In this particular, one of our community members asked us for a MELEE COMBAT SYSTEM Tutorial.

As a bonus, in the tutorial, we touch some important points like dealing with the resizing of pixel art assets in Gdevelop without losing quality.
Level design with Gdevelop.

This is the first part of the tutorial. Will make another episode with different types of enemies, and then focusing also on block, avoidance and knockbacks, plus of course visual effects.

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Since we think, that more than doing what we like, we should fulfill the expectations of the people that watch us, and since the request was actually shorter than others, we have decided to make it.

Next in our list, after ending the CONTRA tutorial are:
– Adventure Game
– Metroidvania.

If you have a specific request, in GDevelop or in other engines, don´t hesitate to ask us, and we will try our best to include it in our pipeline of content.

For the this specific tutorial, we have used the following resources:


Medieval Castle

Skeleton Enemy

Swoosh Sound effect
Source code here

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