What Games Have Avatar Awards?

The Avatar Awards are given to video games that have shown an element of excellence in their presentation. They are prestigious awards that can contribute to the popularity of the game in general. They might also give you some clues as to the quality of play that you can expect from those games. In the long run this is the difference between the ordinary games and the ones that have been able to get awards for all their efforts. You can really change the outlook on the gaming world if you bother to select the games that move in with the best circles. Here is a sample of the games that are fortunate to have been honored in this way:

1. The arcade suite: The arcade games have a long tradition of securing prestigious awards. This is based on the general excellence that they bring to the table. At the same time there is plenty to celebrate about the games even if some people would have them changed in order to improve their efficiency. You need to look at the Halo games for inspiration. The awards are given according to current trends and there is no doubt that the Avatar listing is up there with the best.

2. MLB 2K10: This is a recent addition to the avatar awards scheme. They have about five shirts in total. You can get to the summit of the game depending on how well you have executed the strategy. The avatar awards are meant to act as a secondary incentive to try and play the game well. In order to unlock the awards, it is important that you take care of all the little things that seem to challenge new players.

3. Redemption: You can get some awards from Red Dead Redemption. The only challenge is that they are hidden and you need to take some investigative work in order to find them. On the other hand the investigation can be part of the adventure that you get from the game. You will need to explore all the chests within the game to see whether you can pick up some avatar awards.

4. Earthworm Jim HD: A stand-alone game such as Earthworm Jim HD will provide you with some interesting avatar awards. Likewise you might get some from Crackdown 2. Doom and Duke Nukem are also part of the Manhattan project awards scheme. For contrast you might want to consider Death Span or even Ancients. These games provide some sort of reward system in order to ensure that you get the right incentives to play the game. If you cannot stand the heat then it is time to move on.

Avatar awards are not just there as a gimmick. They are an essential experience in gaming and they can provide the players with the incentives that they need in order to participate in the game. They can also spur them on to improve the way that they handle the various perspectives on the settings. You need to look out for these awards.

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