Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) Revealed: Arch Viz Artist Reacts

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Unreal Engine 5 / UE5 Reveal

This reveal actually blew my mind. The technology they demonstrate here made me feel like I just hopped into a Delorean and jumped to 2030. What do you guys think? Am I right in my assessment that this will change the way we do archviz, and communicate unbuilt architecture, in a serious way?

For me, the barriers to real time technology for your average arch viz artist have been realistic ray tracing / global illumination, and also handling of enormously complex scenes. This video demonstrates how both of those are being addressed with UE5, and it is quite incredible. I see this as a game changer. The third element is going to be time, but if all this realism can be achieved in real time, obviously artists could save there as well, especially on animations.

I still have some reservations about real time, for example, it means I have to build entire environments instead only what my camera will see.

What do you all think about this reveal, real time in general, and what it all means for the future of arch viz? Let me know in the comments below. Are you already using Unreal Engine 4, and do you think you will adopt Unreal Engine 5 considering these technological advances?

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