Unity Tutorial on How to Hack like WatchDog

We make a system, to place a Tag on screen above a object in screen space, while getting data from it to display. we then add the function to “Hack” the system and move our camera over to it, and be able to repeat this process.
Unity tutorial
0:00 intro
0:40 Character Controller
2:29 camera Object
4:40 Pop Up Display On Screen
12:09 Display Prefab
17:07 Display Logic System
25:00 Hacking System
36:36 Camera Move to Hacked Item
42:25 Effects on Hacking
45:00 Post Processing
56:43 Logic While In Hacked
1:00:00 Move Between Hacks
1:01:41 Return to Street
1:06:30 Camera Canvas Effect

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