Unity Networking Tutorial


Creating Multiplayer games

Building multiplayer games is a complex topic. Since every game has its own specific needs when it comes to networking, any one-size-fits-all options will likely come with a downside. You’ll end up making trade-offs between performance, certain features, ease of use, and cost.

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet on how to create multiplayer games with unity, there this is one of the best that we were able to find on youtube and there so that is an interesting option to all that wants to learn to create one.

So what’s the alternative in making multiplayer games?

You can build your own networking solution! That may sound daunting—and it’s by no means easy—but by the end of this step by step Unity networking tutorial series, you’ll have learned the fundamentals of how to make a multiplayer game in Unity, even if you’re completely new to networking! You’ll also learn a ton about how not only games, but also how connected software in general use TCP and UDP to communicate.

Unity Networking Tutorial

In this Unity multiplayer tutorial series, you will be guided into building a dedicated game server from scratch, which is essential if you want to prevent cheating.

The code for the tutorial can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/tom-weiland/tcp-udp-networking/tree/tutorial-part10

You can know more about the creator of the tutorial on:
Website: https://tomweiland.net/
Instagram: https://tomweiland.net/instagram
GitHub: https://tomweiland.net/github

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