Unity Multiplayer Game Development #1 – New Networking Solution

Unity Multiplayer Game Development #1 – New Networking Solution. Hello guys, this is my first update video showing the progress on my current Unity project. I’m currently working on developing a multiplayer game. I hope to use this series to share my experiences and the progression of developing this game.

The current plan for this game is unknown although it is being thought about. Currently I’m implementing common multiplayer features and basically making a first person shooter game. As I figure out what kind of game I plan on making out of this, the features I add will start to be more specific to the kind of game I’m trying to make.


Tom’s Unity Multiplayer Networking Series (Dedicated Server): https://youtu.be/uh8XaC0Y5MA
Dapper Dino’s Multiplayer Networking Series (Mirror/Unet): https://youtu.be/5LhA4Tk_uvI
Another Multiplayer Networking Solution (Photon): https://youtu.be/VmY8k4kvgOY
My Previous Video: https://youtu.be/EezyHvMbILo
My Website: http://www.zxgames.net/
My Discord: https://discord.gg/7rGAAqC


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Artist: super noot ensemble
Source: https://youtu.be/ox_T5Ia_Y0A

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