Thousand Ant Podcast: Jonas Tyroller, Developer of Will You Snail, Islanders (Ep 6)

In this episode of the Thousand Ant Podcast Matt speaks with Jonas Tyroller, who is a game developer and content creator. He is currently working on Will You Snail, an AI driven platformer with rage-game-elements and runs a terrific YouTube channel publishing game development content. He was also part of the team at GrizzlyGames who released Islanders on Steam, an interesting minimalist city builder game. In the episode we talk about game schools, what makes a good game development university program, making and marketing games, optimizing your steam store page, and much more.

You can find Jonas on YouTube here:

and you can wishlist his game Will You Snail on Steam here:

Islanders, the project we discussed with GrizzlyGames is here:

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