The Game of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, And Skills You Need In 2021 With Seth Godin


Back in 2011 when we were starting our first business, Dynamic Duo Training, we were looking for every book possible on marketing.

A colleague recommended Seth Godin’s books.

Never heard of him, but we were intrigued.

We dug into a couple of his books, “All marketers are liars” and “purple cow.”

These books were gold!

We then ended up reading 8 more of his books.

Which brings us to sharing with you this special conversation we had with Seth Godin himself.

This one was special because we have a great deal of respect for Seth’s work, the books he’s written that has helped us so much within our businesses, and his relentless pursuit to keep putting out game-changing work.

Get ready for this one!

In this episode, you will learn:

✅ How the current education system is broken and what to do about it

✅His unique thoughts on what marketing truly is and why its such a vital skill to acquire

✅Skill sets vs talents and why skill sets will beat talent every day

✅How Seth wrote book #20, “The Practice” and his process doing it

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📍Who are Chris and Eric Martinez?

Chris and Eric Martinez, also known as the “Dynamic Duo” operate a world class Online Fitness and Lifestyle Company by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training.” Chris and Eric are also Business coaches that own “The Dynamic Inner Circle” where they help fitness enthusiasts build and grow their online coaching businesses. Along with being #1 International Best-Selling Authors and Speakers.

Chris and Eric have built a six -figure online fitness coaching business and have worked with thousands of people via online and in person to help them look better, feel better, perform better, and live a dynamic lifestyle through training, nutrition, mindset, personal development, and lifestyle practices.

Chris and Eric have also worked with hundreds of fitness coaches to help them build their online businesses and scale them. After investing in high level business masterminds groups, elite coaching days with business and marketing coaches, losing $250k in mistakes, and having an online business for the last 8 years Chris and Eric’s mission now is to pass on their gifts and expertise to other fitness coaches.

As successful entrepreneurs themselves, Chris and Eric believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same. They practice what they preach on a daily basis and that’s to live a dynamic lifestyle, which in their eyes means to keep evolving in life, health, wealth, love, happiness, and to never live a static and complacent lifestyle. Be excited every morning and reach for the stars, you deserve it!

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