In this article we are compiling some tutorials HOW TO MAKE A COMBO FIGHTING SYSTEM IN UNITY. When implementing combat systems you can different ways to implement the attacks systems, one of the most used is the combo system, and how you can connect several successive attacks to perform special and more powerful attacks.

What is a combo system?

In video games, a combo (short for “combo”) is a series of actions, usually under strict timing restrictions, that result in a significant gain or advantage. The term originated in fighting games, which are based on the concept of combinations of blows. It has since been applied to a variety of genres, including puzzle games, shooting games, and sports games. Combos are generally used as an integral part of gameplay, but they can also be used to adjust high scores and attack power, or simply as a means to express a flashy play style.

In fighting games, a combo refers specifically to a series of well-timed moves that produce a cohesive sequence of strikes, each of which makes the opponent unable or almost unable to block or evade the next.



This tutorial is part of a 2D platformer series in Unity that will guide you through the process of implementing a 2D game with a combo fighting mechanic.


Easy 2D Melee Combo System in Unity by ChosenPlay

This tutorials teaches you an Easy solution at coding a 2D Melee Combo System inside the Unity Game Engine.

Correctly coding it can be frustrating: the majority of solutions you’ll think of or find on the internet will be either overly complicated or not even work.

This tutorial you’ll be able to code your own 2d melee combo system in unity with:

– No Timers

– No Coroutines

– And Just a few lines of code


Combo attack with one button in Mobile (Unity)/ by using animation events by Khamy

As mentioned in the above tutorials, Combo attacks are an essential part of an action game, in this tutorial you will see how to implement them using Animation Events that can be used too to make combo attacks in a very easy.


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How to bring Mixamo Animations To Unreal 4/5

How to bring Mixamo Animations To Unreal 4/5

Not an animator or an artist, and in need of some animations for your game? Don´t desesper, this tutorial will help you on How to bring Mixamo Animations To Unreal 4/5

We have recompiled some of the best tutorials that teaches you how to import Mixamo Animations into the Unreal Game Engine.

How to bring Mixamo Animations To Unreal 4/5

What is Mixamo and how can it be used in games?

If you’re just starting out in game development, chances are you’ll be looking for character models and animations at some point – a quick Google search will undoubtedly lead you to Mixamo. With such an obscure name, you’ll undoubtedly have some questions. What is it and can I use it for my game?

Mixamo is a web-based software that gives you free access to characters, animations and auto-rigging tools that you can use in your game.

It is a very useful software and in this article we will explain how it works and how you can use it in your game.

What is Mixamo?

Mixamo is an online database of characters and mo-cap animations for art projects, movies and games that is accessible to everyone.

It is a very user-friendly program aimed at people who have little or no experience with creating characters and animations. However, it is by no means a simple software that can do much more. It is particularly suitable for indie game developers who want to create high-quality animations on a budget.

Is Mixamo free of charge?

Yes, it is free! If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the problem is. How can you justify offering such a service for free?

First of all, Miximo belongs to Adobe, the owner of Photoshop. They are in a position to provide this kind of service.

Second, you have to sign up for a free account, and I think the price is that you can potentially be advertised to. In my opinion, that’s a very low price.

As you can see on the website, you can use it for both personal and commercial purposes.

It is possible that you will have to pay for this service in the future, but we have been offering it for free for years.

What game engines are supported by Mixamo?

Mixamo supports most game engines, including Unreal Engine and Unity. With Mixamo, you can simply download an FBX file, a standard 3D model format, and then create, texture, and animate your character in one go! With Mixamo, all you have to do is download an FBX file, a standard 3D model format, and your character will be rigged, textured, and animated.

It’s also great that it supports most 3D programs, including Blender, Zbrush, and Substance Painter.

How Mixamo can be used in games

When it comes to game development, Mixamo offers three main functions. These are character models, animation and auto-rigging tools. All of them are specifically designed for games.

Character models

Mixamo comes with a wide range of optimized game models that can be rigged and animated instantly.

These are ideal as placeholders during game development, but they are not unique enough for commercial use, as there is only a limited amount accessible to thousands of people.

For this reason, a character creation software called Adobe Fuse was developed, but it has since been discontinued. You may be able to access this program, but please note that Adobe no longer provides support for it, as mentioned in this Adobe article.

Mocap Animation

Mixamo has a large library of Mocap animations that you can use for free. Along with the auto-trigger, this is where Mixamo really shines.

The Mocap animation library is a great resource. I’m not much of an animator, so I’ve been using the Mocap animation library for a while now. It makes it very easy and quick to download these animations and use them in the game engine.

There are animations for walking, running, squinting sideways, walking backwards, running and many other movements. Everything you need to put animations together and create convincing motion animations for games.

Thousands of animations to choose from.

Auto-rigging tools

In my opinion, this is where Mixamo really shines. Although the model library is limited, you can upload your own 3D game models as a source and use the tool to automatically align them for use in your game.

A rig is basically a skeleton of a mesh. This skeleton determines how the mesh will be deformed. That is, when you move the skeleton, the mesh moves with it. This is necessary for the animation, the animation just shows the direction you want the skeleton to move.

It’s really easy to do. Just upload your mesh and drag a circle where the rigger tells you to. Mixamo takes care of the rest, and with any luck, one of Mixamo’s extensive animation libraries will work like magic.

Can Mixamo manipulate and animate animals?

Unfortunately, no. The rigging tools are not optimized for this and there are no animations available in the library.

However, it is possible to create a 4 legs humanoid model of a dog (sorry, that’s old, it’s The Simpsons).

Can Mixamo be used to add or edit animations?

Yes, rigged figures can be exported to 3D software like Blender. However, the rig must be the same as the one created in Mixamo. It is possible to create and edit animations for export to game engines.

You can use the provided animations as a base and improve and customize them as you like.

Is it possible to edit Mixamo models?

You can import them into other software such as Blender, Substance Painter or Zbrush and customize them as you like. Then you can import them back into Mixamo if needed, customize the rig, and they’re good as new.

Are a set of animations tied to a model?

No, they aren’t. Using a method called retargeting, the same animation can be applied to all models that have a rig created in Mixamo. This is very handy and saves time.

Of course, you can also create cool flashmobs with your favorite characters.

Is the Mixamo library updated?

Adobe updates its animation library and keeps it up to date. So, it seems that Adobe will not stop supporting Mixamo in the near future.


It is a free tool, that has become almost indispensable for game development. Not only is it a great tool for beginners, but it’s also very easy to use even if you have no experience with animation. If you have experience with 3D pipelines, you can make countless changes to your models and animations.

1 – Mixamo to Unreal by Matt Aspland

This video will be showing you how to download a character and animations from mixamo, and import these into Unreal Engine 4. Mixamo is full of loads of great, free, and copyright free characters and animations for you to use in your games.


1.1 – Mixamo To Unreal’s Timestamps.
00:00 – Intro

00:33 – Mixamo

07:30 – Unreal Engine

10:30 – Final Overview

10:43 – Outro

2. Mixamo to Unreal Engine 4 by Smart Poly

In this tutorial we will go over what Mixamo is, how to download animations, and re-target them for any character you have.

This is episode 4 on a Unreal Engine 4 Complete Beginners Guide.

3 – How to import Mixamo animations to your UE4 project

In this video we will go through the steps needed to get an animation into UE4 from Mixamo.

Download UE4 Mixamo mannequin:…

3.1 – Video Timestamps

00:00 – Intro

00:50 – Download UE4 Mixamo character

01:11 – Upload character to Mixamo

02:34 – Download animation form Mixamo

04:56 – Import character and animation to UE4

06:40 – Retarget animations to normal UE4 skeleton

11:00 – Outro

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how to make your first FPS game in Unreal Engine 5

How to make your first FPS game in Unreal Engine 5

UE 5 FPS tutorial – Learn how to make your first FPS game in Unreal Engine 5

In this tutorial for beginners in Unreal Engine 5, you will learn how to make a First Person Shooter Game. The tutorial will introduce you to the Unreal Engine 5, and to the basics of making a FPS game from ground zero.

Introduction to FPS design

First Person Shooters (FPS) games are sub-genre of shooter video games that focuses on gun and other weapon-based combat in first-person perspective, with the player controlling the player character in three-dimensional space. 
The genre has lot of similarities to other shooter games, hence it’s classified as an action game. 
Advanced 3D and pseudo-3D graphics have posed hardware development challenges since the genre’s debut, and multiplayer gaming has played an important role.
Wolfenstein 3D (1992) is recognized with establishing the first-person shooter genre’s core template, on which later entries were based. 
Doom (1993), frequently regarded as the most important game in this genre, was one such title, and the parent of the genre’s greater public acceptance and appeal; for time, the phrase Doom clone was used to denote this genre due to Doom’s influence. Because of the processing constraints of the era’s hardware, most of the action in the games had to take place in enclosed areas, such as cramped spaces like hallways and tunnels, the genre was dubbed “corridor shooter” in its early years. 
Half-Life, released in 1998, and its sequel, Half-Life 2, released in 2004, improved the story and puzzle components. 
Counter-Strike was published in 1999 as Half-Life mod and, along with Doom, is considered one of the most influential first-person shooters. 
The first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 was published in 1997, and the Halo series boosted the console’s financial and critical appeal as platform for first-person shooter games. 
The first-person shooter is the most economically viable video game genre in the twenty-first century, accounting for nearly 27% of all video game sales in 2016.

Unreal Engine 5 FPS Tutorials

Beginner tutorial by Sir_Fansi Gamedev

The tutorial will show you:

  • all the basics of UE 5,
  • how to create your character with blueprints.
  • How to change  weapons
  • and in the end how to create mini game that you brag about to your friends

Tutorial Timing

00:00 Intro

00:24 What you need

02:53 Adjust performance in editor

03:54 UE4 to UE5 Assets

05:20 Sprinting

12:24 Zoom in with gun

20:01 Changing weapons

26:47 Auto shooting mode

31:30 Target shooting minigame

44:03 Others

Download Resources for the tutorial

Download Unreal Engine 5:

FPS assets:… Project files on Patreon:

Learn how to create a First Person Shooter in Unreal Engine 5

Tutorial TimeStamps

0:00:00 Start

0:01:31 Creating the project

0:04:17 Theory behind tracing

0:07:22 Initial setup

0:11:25 Tracing setup

0:20:16 Using sockets to shoot

0:30:29 How to add the bullet visually

0:53:09 SMG behavior diagram

0:57:08 Creating the SMG behavior

1:20:47 Doing the damage

1:32:44 Components for shootable objects

1:47:55 How to remember functions inside Unreal 

How to create a game in Unreal Engine 5? In this UE5 tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to create your first game using Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 5. The tutorial  will go over the fundamentals of how to program a game using UE5’s visual scripting language called Blueprint!

Tutorial Time Stamps

0:00 – Intro

1:20 – The Very Basics

17:14 – **Skip to Here if Watched UE5 Beginner

17:15 – Migrating Assets

19:14 – Intro to Blueprint Programming

29:15 – Creating our Target

34:35 – Tracking Target with Gamemode

44:35 – Only Hit Once

49:20 – User Interfaces

1:01:25 – Organize Nodes

1:02:30 – Win Condition!

1:06:25 – End Screen UI

1:12:33 – Recap of Gamemode Sofar

1:14:40 – Add a Countdown Timer

1:24:15 – Add Lost Ending

1:28:20 – Functions

1:31:15 – Adding Impact Physics

1:39:55 – Environment Intro

1:56:32 – Outro

Download Resources for the tutorial

Downloadable Assets to Follow the Tutorial:

About Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 is expected to ship in early 2022, and will empower creators across all industries to deliver stunning real-time content and experiences. The Early Access build has only been tested on game development workflows and offers a chance for game developers to go hands-on with some of our most exciting new features. Additional features and other improvements for all industries will be part of the full Unreal Engine 5.0 release in early 2022.

Visit to read details on the key features in UE5 and to get Early Access now. You can also download our new sample project, Valley of the Ancient, to start exploring the new features of UE5 for yourself.

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IF you want to see more Unreal Engine 5 resources, don’t hesitate to check this sections

Unreal Engine 5 - How to Download and Install UE5

Unreal Engine 5 – How to Download and Install UE5

More and more game developers are using Unreal Engine 5 for their game, but some are still thinking it is worth it, and if so, how they can download and install Unreal Engine 5 for test drive.

In this tutorial we are compiling some resources on how can you get Unreal Engine 5 installed and ready to be used for your next prototypes or games.



Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 official docs

The first place where any developer should always go, is the official docs repository, in this case the Epic Games official documentation.


Youtube tutorials


Download and Install UE5 by Luciano Jacomeli


How to download and install Unreal Engine 5? All you need to do is follow the steps in the video:

1 – go to create an account or sign in.
2 – click in download for download Epic Games Launcher
3 – If you already haved an account or Epic Games Launcher installed, you need to go to “Settings” and choose “Restart and Update”!
4 – Open Epic Games Launcher in your PC with your credentials of sign in.
5 – Navigate in the Tabs and Choose “Unreal Engine” then “UE5” click in Download.
6 – Accept all the terms and click in “Install”
7 – Wait to download and Install Unreal Engine 5.0.0 have 12gb of size to download


The video covers how to download and install Unreal Engine 5 through the Epic Games Launcher. Note that in order to get UE5 using this method, an Epic Games account is required, since the Epic Games Launcher requires signing in before downloading Unreal Engine. At the end of the video, we discuss useful tidbits of information about how to uninstall, modify, and verify Unreal Engine.


Get the Epic Games Launcher here:


The video series teach all the fundamentals for Unreal Engine 5 UE5 Early Access:


Here are timestamps:

0:00 – Limitations

2:45 – (very slow) shader compiling

3:47 – compiled and did not crash

4:20 – brief new interface overview

6:46 – Materials and Blueprints interfaces

8:02 – Some closing thoughts

twinmotion for Unreal Engine 5

How about twinmotion for Unreal Engine 5?

twinmotion for Unreal Engine 5



What is Twinmotion

Twinmotion is a real-time 3D immersion software that quickly creates high-quality photos, panoramas, and regular or 360° VR films. Twinmotion combines an easy icon-driven interface with the power of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine for design, construction, urban planning, and landscaping experts. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, the materials, the user’s IT skills, or their favorite BIM modeler, Twinmotion is exceptionally simple to understand and use. Users may go from a BIM model to a VR experience in three clicks thanks to direct synchronization with Archicad.

Twinmotion is accessible in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish on both macOS and Windows.


Great News for Unreal Engine / Twinmotion Users. Twinmotion is one part of epic games, with this news being good news for twinmotion software users in 2020.

Unreal engine 5 is likely to be released by the end of 2021, maybe Twinmotion has released this feature, but there are still limitations. You can’t import a mobile library with Twinmotion (this can use AXYZ Anima instead) and can’t import scattered / painting vegetation assets.

Epic Games recently released a trailer about Unreal Engine 5.Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, announced the successor of their brand-new engine – Unreal Engine 5. The studio also showed a real-time PS5 demo showing how sophisticated the iteration is this time.

The demo titled “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” shows 2 new technologies from Unreal Engine 5: Nanite and also Lumen. Nanite is “virtualised micropolygon geometry, which will later allow artists to input film-equivalent quality assets into the engine. Whereas Lumen is a global lighting technology that makes objects bring dynamic reactions to changes in light.

Not only visual capital, Epic Games will also continue to facilitate the development of cross-platform features in their games, so studios, especially those on a small scale, can more easily develop games for various platforms at once.
Unreal Engine 5 is planned to release the preview version in early 2021 with the full version to follow in the same year. Seeing that Unreal Engine 4 is still dominant in many developers at this time, UE5 will probably have a prominent role in the next one or two years from now. maybe this is good news for Twinmotion 2020 users or all users of epic games in the future.

The general idea is to comply with the Datasmith workflow where a Twinmotion model is imported in Unreal the same way a 3ds max model or a Revit model might be. We expect the same functionality found in Datasmith such as import, re-import, local overrides, dataprep etc.

– Import Static Geometry created in Twinmotion with scene structure
– Import Static Geometry inserted from the Twinmotion asset library
– Import materials assigned to the above
– Support import and re-import Datasmith workflows (overrides)
– Works with Visual Data-Prep

(for version 1.0 we will not support everything added to a Twinmotion scene)
– Dynamic objects such as character paths
– Section planes and boxes
– Dimensions
– Weather Systems
– Scattered / Painted foliage

Developing Twinmotion projects further in Unreal Engine


Find out how to take your Twinmotion project to the next level with Unreal Engine. The webinar includes:

  • How to incorporate GIS data using Cesium
  • Workflow improvements with Editor utilities
  • How to customize your project
  • Functionalities unique to Unreal Engine

Video Webinar Developing twinmotion projects in Unreal Engine – Twinmotion for unreal 5



0:00 – Introduction

0:25 – Importer Plugin Location

0:50 – Twinmotion Importer Documentation/Instructions

1:03 – Installing the Plugin

1:50 – Enabling the Plugin in Unreal Engine

3:32 – Importing a Twinmotion File (Sample Scene)

4:33 – What Currently ISN’T Working

5:05 – Navigating our Twinmotion model in Unreal Engine

5:46 – Automatic Material Setup

6:55 – Viewing model organization in the outliner

8:00 – Swapping Out Materials/Editing the Model

8:15 – Using Unreal Engine features in your rendering

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Any Car Controller Unity - How to create a new Car | Realistic Physics

How to create a new Car Realistic Physics

How to create a new Car Realistic Physics


Any Car Controller


Any Car Controller for Unity, this is a tutorial on how to create a new car in unity and be able to drive around with realistic physics. This amazing tool is powered by BoolBird and it offers the best features with the best optimized code.

That makes Any Car Controller the best tool to create realistic cars with the lowest usage of CPU. That’s why it is a perfect script for mobile games.

Here you can find a detailed manual at:

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics of this script:

– Easy and Quick set up
– Fully customizable Extra Wheels
– Advanced wheels attributes
– Full Engine customization
– Manual and Auto Trasmission
– Flexible Gear System
– Turbo
– Digital or Analog Speedometer
– Exhaust Flame and Smoke
– Skid Marks
– Realistic Car Physics
– Any Camera System
– Cool Mobile Interface
– Cross Platform Inputs supported
– Custom Engine Sounds supported

Watch the tutorial and see with your eyes how easy is to use Any Car Controller, and it works with literally any wheeled vehicle.


Car physics in unity 3D(uphill traction)


Arcade racing game

Learn how to create Arcade-style Car Driving in Unity with a brand new tutorial!


Download the setup project files here:

Dragon Ball Unreal How To Download and Install Dragon Ball Unreal

Dragon Ball Unreal How To Download and Install Dragon Ball Unreal

How To Download and Install Dragon Ball Unreal PC

Do you want to try  a new demo of Dragon Ball Unreal, a Dragon Ball game developed on Unreal Engine 4.

As you will soon notice, this project is still in its early stages. Dragon Ball Unreal has been in development for a long time and, to be honest, we don’t expect to see a polished version. Still, and for a man-made game, I think it looks absolutely fantastic.

Like the previous version, the June 2019 build of Dragon Ball Unreal adds some new stages, expands the roster, and adds new moves.

If you’re interested, you can download the new demo by visiting the game’s Discord channel here and navigating to the #download-download section.

This fan game has been in development for a few years. Theoretically, that means we could see a nearly complete version of the game in another couple of years (assuming Namco Bandai doesn’t shut it down).

And while some may be disappointed with its overall progress, we should remember that it is definitely better progress than “Special Forces of Earth” (another Dragon Ball fan game that hasn’t been heard from since 2018). Special Forces of Earth has been in development for about 19-20 years, with the last beta download released in 2008.

What is Dragon Ball Unreal

The world of video games has countless titles about the Dragon Ball saga, some more acclaimed than others, now, a group of fans is carrying out a project called: Dragon Ball Unreal. The project adapts the mythical fights of the anime of Goku and company with the spectacular Unreal Engine 4 technology. In the video, below, you can take a look at the powerful result of a fight between Goku and Vegeta with this technology. There is no doubt that fans, many times, create things that many companies should take into account for their future projects and to obtain, at the same time, the best possible result.

Dragon Ball Unreal is a fan made game set in the Dragon Ball universe, developed by Emud using Unreal Engine. The project is still at an early stage of development, i has been extremly well received by the community which has been very receptive to the game right from its beginnings.


How To Download and Install Dragon Ball Unreal PC PUBLIC DEMO 2019


In the below youtube you will find a step by step tutorial on how to download and install Dragon Ball Unreal and try by yourself the game and all the potential gameplay that it brings to a game that has not always been very well implemented in videogames.

You can play this game without installing.

  • Download the game
  • Unzip the downloaded file (you can use WinRAR for example).
  • Run MYDEMO.exe in the main game folder.



**If this link ever expires let me know so I can update it***

Links to Download Dragon Ball Unreal and Support the Creator Emudking:


dragon ball unreal
dragon ball unreal public demo
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Youtube original link

How to Code a Turn-Based Game with Godot

How to Code a Turn-Based Game with Godot

How to Code a Turn-Based Game with Godot

Learn to create a turn-based combat system with the Godot game engine, through a serie of  youtube tutorials created by GDQuest that will take you on journey on How to Code a Turn-Based Game with Godot.

The objective of the tutorial is to great the ground bases, codebase and  tools to show you some of the best practices to create:

  • Turn-based games
  • A combat system
  • An inventory system
  • Character progression
  • User interface with multiple menus

The current project’s scope

The initial goal is to create a mini-demo with the full combat loop, character experience, skills, some pretty art, and basic map navigaton and conversation with NPCs.

The format of RPG that is being developed is of type JRPG, Japanese Role Playing Game.

What is a JRPG?

JRPGs (Japanese Role-Playing Games) are games that differ from Western-style role-playing games. JRPGs are usually, but not always, created by Japanese developers. The name “JRPG” comes from the term “console RPG,” which refers to games such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy[1]. However, because the name JRPG now encompasses a wide range of RPGs, it is no longer considered a genre but rather an umbrella phrase. A game can be classified as a JRPG if it meets the requirements that one would expect to find in a JRPG.

For more info on JRPG


Source code for the Open JRPG

The project is open source and available on github



How to Code a Turn-Based Game with Godot

Godot RPG videos (Turn-Based Combat)

The serie is composed of 18 videos that you can find listed and described in below sections.
The first of two tutorials to code a leveling system and experience bar with the Godot Game Engine, the lesson covered works for any type of game and not just for a turn based game.

After coding a Leveling System, the tutorial covers the design ofan animated progress bar that loops when a character levels up!


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Build Quiz Game in 30 minutes with Unity

Build Quiz Game in 30 minutes with Unity

Build Quiz Game in 30 minutes with Unity

Puzzle games are some of most played games in the games industry and are sometimes some of the easiest ones to do, if you know exactly how to build them. The tutorial that we are recompiling, will allow you to create a quiz game with unity in less than 30 minutes.

The Quiz game created in the tutorial will support 4 types of questions:-
– Text Only
– Video
– Audio
– Image

Build Quiz Game in 30 minutes with Unity
Photo by suludan diliyaer on

To store the questions data we will be using ScriptableObject.
The starter project is provided with pre-made game UI.

Tutorial Index

What is a puzzle game?

What is a puzzle game? That is a good question. A puzzle game is a type of game in which the main goal is to solve a problem. Puzzles are usually constrained by a set of rules, which are made more demanding by complexity and time limits. Versions of puzzle games evolved from analog games like solitaire and mahjong, which we humans have been playing for centuries. We could say also that Puzzle video games are a type of video game that focuses on solving puzzles. 

Logic, pattern identification, sequence solving, and word completion are just a few of the problem-solving skills that can be tested with these puzzles. 

There may be an unlimited amount of time or infinite attempts to solve a puzzle, or there may be a time constraint, or simpler puzzles may be made more complex by having to be completed in real time, as in Tetris.

The genre is extremely diverse, but it usually contains some amount of abstraction and may include colors, shapes, numbers, physics, or complicated laws. Unlike many other video games, puzzle games frequently include “lives,” which limit the amount of attempts a player can make. In puzzle video games, players frequently strive for a high score or to advance to the next level by reaching a specific location or meeting certain requirements.

What is the target of puzzle videogames

Women over the age of 35 are more likely to play puzzle mobile apps. In Japan, 66 percent of puzzle players are female, while in South Korea, 73 percent are. Women account for 75% of matching puzzle and word/brain/board players in the United States. Women account for 74% of puzzle players in the United Kingdom.

The benefits os Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games encourages faster decision-making and processing. Improve your problem-solving abilities. Can help you improve your logic and attention to detail. Keeps your fingers nimble, which is beneficial while using a pen or moving puzzle pieces around.

Why you should play puzzle games?

Puzzle games are great, aren’t they? There are numerous puzzle games that can be installed on most cell phones and are useful when you have a little free time. Some games offer a variety of rewards in addition to relieving boredom, such as stimulating the brain and connecting with friends. Humans are naturally curious creatures who enjoy solving problems. Puzzle games give us the ability to do just that.

The more you practice something, the better you become at it. Puzzle games are similar to thinking, so they help us improve our thinking skills. When you are playing a puzzle game your thinking is as varied as your practice and you will be using different aspects of your brain in unique ways. The more you play puzzle games, the more you will be able to think. The more you can think, the more things you can do.
Puzzle games can be installed on cell phones and small mobile devices and played anywhere. It’s like having unlimited entertainment on demand. With a simple download you can get new games at any time and most of them are free to play. They belong to the category of casual games, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the rules of the game. You also don’t have to invest a lot of time to play the games and benefit from them.
Do you consider yourself smarter than your friends? One way to prove your intelligence is to beat them while playing a multiplayer game. Some puzzle games can be played with multiple players, allowing you to connect with your friends and battle them with your wits. There are also many opportunities to cooperate if you would rather win with your friends than against them. Either way, playing with friends is a great way to bond, and you can find multiplayer puzzle games on social networks like Facebook.
Some of the best classic puzzle games are “Words with Friends,” “Candy Crush,” and “Puzzle Dragons.” These games have stood the test of time and are guaranteed to provide you with some fun. Some indie developers have exciting and unique concepts that can make for an even better experience, so keep an open mind when choosing which games to play. This type of game has been around for a while, but new puzzle games appear on the market every day. Try them out and you’ll be sure to find something you like.

Build a Quiz Game in 30 minutes with Unity video tutorial


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Unity FPS Movement Tutorial by Dani  |  Karlson Parkour FPS Controller

Unity FPS Movement Tutorial compilation

First Person Shooter (FPS) is one of the classic genres of computer games, and after the phenomenal success of Doom, many companies took a stab at this type of game. In this tutorial we are covering some tutorials on how to implement Unity FPS movement and some tips on how to design correctly the level.


Today, there are single-player FPS games, multi-player combat FPS games, and multi-player cooperative FPS games, all of which can be both plot-driven and straight combat; some FPS games are problem-solving, some are stealth, and some are focused in the highest possible body count.

Creating them, although it might look easy, is in reality not trivial and requires some attention to details, from a point of view of design and developement.

In this article, we will list some of the tips of the design and a recompilation of some of the best First Person Shooter tutorials on how to create your own Unity FPS movement with Rigidbodies.

Game Design Tips for First Person Shooters

The game designer’s job in this type of game is to determine the direction of the game, create the setting, and then create the tools that allow the player to modify the game, add their own content, and replace everything but the game engine with a completely different look and feel.

Game designers have to wrestle with realism while facing the limitations of the system.

There are two types of this.

One is the type found in America’s Army, where the goal is to recreate reality well enough to be used as a recruiting and training tool. You can’t carry billions of weapons, and you can’t run across a field towards a hundred enemy soldiers and kill them with impunity. The other thing is that we’re basically trying to do the slasher genre of movies.

Every time he takes an impact, blood and flesh splatters from his body, leaving stains on the walls and floor. Bullet holes are sewn into the walls, and drums explode when hit. The most common complaint is against the realism of this latter.

Some critics link FPS to murder, and any violent act can be examined in relation to computer games. It is the job of lawyers and scientists, rather than game designers, to deal with these kinds of issues. One of the problems with game design is knowing why it is designed the way it is in order to cater to a particular market. If the game is for adults who like black comedies that deal with gruesome deaths, it is likely to require blood and flesh. If you are creating a game that hunts cartoon creatures, then you are probably wrong.

The game designer must decide on the goal of the game. Some games are about solving puzzles, while others are about gaining the knowledge needed to solve the puzzles. There are also tactical games where you choose battle drills to practice and use as needed. There are also games where the goal is to get the MacGuffin.

One of the hallmarks of FPS is interactivity. Classic examples of this genre feature computer-controlled enemies and a single player who does everything.

Later games offered a multiplayer mode where humans fight each other. Later, it became possible to cooperate in team play, and even later, computer-controlled allies were introduced, which the player could command and influence. Nowadays, first-person shooters are usually built around at least some form of online play, and many games support both single human playing with a computer and multiplayer online games.

Game designers of FPSs face, in many ways, one of the more difficult challenges. This is because they are required to create unique works that will attract attention in the marketplace in a genre that is often stereotyped and has a lot of public opposition.

Brackeys Unity FPS movement tutorial

Too bad Brackeys stopped making tutorials for unity, his, where some of the best tutorials available.

Time Stamps

00:01 Intro & Explanation

02:50 Camera Movement & Look around

4:51 Mouse Controls

11:13 Key Controls

15:14 Gravity

21:21 Jumping

Unity FPS movement by Brackeys

Unity FPS movement tutorial by Dani

A quick tutorial on how to make movement like in one of the author’s game Karlson Parkour.

Unity FPS movement by Daniel

Advanced FPS movement by GD Titans

The files for the tutorial can be found on github:

Project Files:

Unity FPS movement by GD Titans

The EASIEST FPS MOVEMENT in Unity – Rigidbody First Person Controller Tutorial by Finn

This tutorial will show you the fastest and easiest way to make a Rigidbody character controller in Unity in only 4 minutes and 20 lines of code and be a very good entry at understanding how the controllers are done.

Unity FPS movement by Finn

In case you don´t want to code your own version, don´t forget to look at the asset store where you can also find some files



First Person Shooters – What Is Good Level Design In An FPS by Jabbberminor

The video goes briefly about what makes the level design good in a first-person shooter, using as a base of explanation several games examples as good and bad designs when it comes to designing the level.

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