Unity FPS Movement Tutorial by Dani  |  Karlson Parkour FPS Controller

Unity FPS Movement Tutorial compilation


A very interesting and easy tutorial on how to create your own Unity FPS movement with Rigidbodies.

Brackeys Unity FPS movement tutorial

Too bad Brackeys stopped making tutorials for unity, his, where some of the best tutorials available.

Time Stamps

00:01 Intro & Explanation

02:50 Camera Movement & Look around

4:51 Mouse Controls

11:13 Key Controls

15:14 Gravity

21:21 Jumping


Unity FPS movement tutorial by Dani



A quick tutorial on how to make movement like in one of the author’s game Karlson Parkour.


Advanced FPS movement by GD Titans


The files for the tutorial can be found on github:

Project Files: https://github.com/Chaker-Gamra/FPS-G


The EASIEST FPS MOVEMENT in Unity – Rigidbody First Person Controller Tutorial by Finn

This tutorial will show you the fastest and easiest way to make a Rigidbody character controller in Unity in only 4 minutes and 20 lines of code and be a very good entry at understanding how the controllers are done.


In case you don´t want to code your own version, don´t forget to look at the asset store where you can also find some files