Reality Capture / Blender / Unreal Engine / Tutorial Budget photogrammetry 3d Scan – fix, clean, UV

In this video I take 63 mobile phone pictures on a Samsung S20 FE @ 12mp and align then adjust box, reconstruct, filter, remove lose parts, smooth, fix topology, texture, simplify/decimate and export to Blender.

Reality Capture was super fast, taking 24 seconds to align and just under 5 minutes to reconstruct. Texturing and simplify were also very quick taking just a few minutes. (RTX2080 / 32gb Ram) The resulting model cost just $0.51 to export, that is nearly 4.7 times cheaper than before its recent acquisition by Epic Games.

In Blender I remove verts in more detail, then build the bottom half of the model that was obscured by foliage on shoot. The mesh is then Re-meshed, sculpted, masked and removed of features then UV mapped for import back into Reality Capture for texture and normal map projection. The maps are then cloned in Blender, the object scaled and re-centred and imported as an FBX at just under 5mp and 60k faces into Unreal Engine.

The workflow was super fun and let me explore many of the features in RC that I had not used before, although it is aimed at hobbyist & is all done on a cheap(ish) mobile with half a dollar of software costs!

Let me know if its any use or anyone has better ways to do it or suggestions or needs/can help!

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Using Reality Capture
3:10 Align & Reconstruct images
5:28 Filter, smooth remove loose parts, clean topology
7:44 Texture, simplify, export
10:00 Import, rotate, delete verts, align verts to zero
11:49 Re-mesh, sculpt, Re-mesh
14:30 UV , rotate, import back into RC, Texture and normal project
16:30 Import into Blender, fix origin, scale, rotate, Texture & normal clone and paint
18:07 Import into Unreal Engine, show material, real-time render

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