Part 5. Set Dressing: Medieval Game Environment in UE4

In the fifth part of this tutorial series, Quixel’s Wiktor Öhman describes how he approaches set dressing, with feature overviews, useful tups and tricks and insights into his workflow for the projects.

Get the full scene for free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace:

Full Medieval Game Environment tutorial series playlist:

Part 1: Blockout:
Part 2: House Creation:
Part 3: Thatched Roofs:
Part 4: Foliage
Part 5: Set Dressing
Part 6: Lighting

Get the Medieval Village Collection from Quixel Megascans. Free for use with Unreal Engine:

Distance Field Ambient Occlusion Guide:

Using Distance Field Ambient Occlusion Guide:

Screen Space Global Illumination Guide:

Sky Atmosphere Reference Guide:

Sky Atmosphere Guide:

“Exploring the depths of the new Sky & Atmosphere system | Unreal Engine”

Youtube original link

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