Oculus Quest Hand Tracking With Universal Render Pipeline & Shader Graph ( Unity Tutorial )

Part 1 of several videos to come on using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline and Shader Graph on Oculus Quest with Hand Tracking. In this video, we will start from an empty Unity project and work towards getting the Hand Tracking Train scene to work correctly with URP. This will set the basis for us to start working with Shader Graph and the Visual Effect Graph to get the Directional Dissolve and Particle Effect that was mentioned in the previous video.

Relevant Links:
AmazonBasics USB 3.1 to USB-C for Oculus Link: https://amzn.to/36uD1TY (affliate)
Oculus Hand Tracking Documentation : https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-handtracking/
Directional Dissolve Tutorial: https://halisavakis.com/my-take-on-shaders-directional-dissolve/
VFX Graph Shader Tutorial : https://medium.com/another-angle/beauty-and-the-beast-unity-vfx-graph-tutorial-aa8fe50dc3c2

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