#NVJOB STC8 Toon v1.3 (Advanced Toon Shader for Unity SpeedTree 8)

STC8 Toon is an advanced, very fast toon shader for SpeedTree 8.
Toon shading is a rendering style designed to make 3D surfaces emulate 2D, flat surfaces. The STC8 Toon shader support Instanced Indirect from Vegetation Studio Pro. Only Built-in Render Pipeline.
– Toon shading.
– Full wind setting.
– Very high performance.
– Advanced settings for visualization (Rim light, Ambient light, Glossiness, Normal Mapping, Color and Light Tuning).
– Support for all functions in Forward Rendering and Deferred Rendering.
– Works with Vegetation Studio Pro.
Designed by #NVJOB Nicholas Veselov
Николай Веселов. Независимый разработчик. Санкт-Петербург.
Разработка игр, приложений, ассетов, скриптов и шейдеров на Unity.
Разработка приложений на C#, Autoit, C++.
Разработка сайтов.
Написание скетчей для Arduino. Написание программ для мобильных и десктопных платформ для работы с Arduino.
#shaders #unity #gamedev #unity3d #assets #indiedev #SpeedTree

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