No Shortcuts in Gamedev – Go Through

No Shortcuts in Gamedev – Go Through

I don’t think people are gonna like this but it’s just what I think.
Pls don’t go straight into the Unity Asset Store and look for fancy tools and assets.
If you’re a beginner start with and build a simple game first.
(something like a space shooter/2d roguelike/etc)

My current project is simpler than commercial games but it can be more difficult than the basic tutorials. If you’re having trouble following my tutorials (or any tutorials), you might wanna go back and start with a simpler project.
Take small steps and only take on more challenge after you finish a project with the current knowledge you have.

With all the UI, menu, cutscenes, VFX, camera works, animations, etc, you’ll realize that a simple game is not so simple.

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Custom animations designed by Wemakethegame:

Custom character designed by Akishaqs:

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