Learn how to create a Bob Ross scene in Unreal Engine 5

Update: Just added the Landscape material, It’s free to download on Gumroad
just use the code ‘ vrdivision ‘ on checkout

Auto Landscape Material

Files and resources

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Inspired by @Corridor Crew video where they follow Bob Ross in real-time. I made you a tutorial to be able to follow along in Unreal Engine 5!

Have you ever wondered what’s the process like of recreating Bob Ross’s painting in CG?⁠
It’s easier than you think!⁠

In today’s tutorial, I will walk you step by step while we create something awesome together.⁠
Using UE5 creation tools, free marketplace content, and Quixel Megascans library.⁠

Hopefully, by the end of today’s tutorial, You’ll be able to create your own version of Bob’s painting!⁠
and oh!! don’t forget to tag us when you share your work! I’d love to see it.⁠

leave ya boi a comment on the next painting/environment you’d like to see!

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Watch Corridor Crew’s video

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00:00 – Intro
01:04 – Setting up our environment
04:00 – Landscapes Splines
05:26 – Landscape Material
07:10 – Quixel Bridge
09:10 – About roughness textures
10:20 – Fix Textures Tiling
11:05 – Painting Landscape Layers
12:07 – Paste Here!!!
12:42 – Defining our Road and landscape
15:29 – Foliage Tool
23:23 – Adding Trees
25:36 – Happy Accident!
25:45 – Lighting
28:29 – Adding Megascans Assets
30:15 – Modular House
31:34 – To all content creators!
31:45 – Groups
32:24 – Setting Up Shortcuts
33:11 – Organizing World Outliner
33:27 – More timelapse
34:20 – Adding Rocks
35:03 – Cat and Conclusion
35:23 – Outro

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