Implementing Admob Ads in Construct 3

I hope you’ve seen my previous videos.
Maybe that’s a question for you that how can we make money from Google Play or App Store.
Well, maybe you think about you put a premium game in the stores,
Although it’s easy, you get a few app installs.

There is a better choice for monetizing and that’s using AdMob.

What Will I Learn in This Tutorial?
In this video, you will learn how to implement the Admob Ads for your Construct 3 games. There are 3 types of Ads that you can use in your apps: Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, and Rewarded Ads, so you will learn how to work with all 3 types.

Also You Will Learn How to:
Add Mobile Advert Plugin to your project and use it
Add Platform Info plugin to your project and use it
Use test Ad IDs of Google AdMob
Show Interstitial, Banner, and Rewarded Ads
Get coins of Rewarded Ads

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