How to use Noise Textures and create simple Shaders in Godot

You can download the whole project in this Repository @ GitHub:
And to grab more textures like the “light glow” I used here, check out my other video about Particles and Effects here:

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Creating a new shader
01:05 Loading a texture in a shader
02:33 Animate a texture in a shader
02:50 Separate the textures color channels
04:46 Use the animation as the shaders alpha
06:21 Making a color selector for the shader
07:58 Adding a gradient (also: why not use NoiseTexture directly)
09:40 Changing the “flow” direction
10:35 Generate the noise textures inside Godot
11:44 Combining the exported textures in Photoshop
12:05 Outro

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