How To SPAWN ANYTHING in your Game with Unity Tutorial

~Hey friends, in this Unity Tutorial you’ll learn how to spawn objects or instantiate pretty much any GameObject or Prefab you’d like. If you can make it in the Unity Heiarchy, you can make it through script.

By the end, you’ll have a Spawner Prefab that can create objects on a set timer, by Trigger/Event/Any manual calling, add effects such as audio and particles (or any animation you can make, good luck beating mine), how to randomize what objects you instantiate from a list, and more.

Once you learn how to Instantiate GameObjects, make sure you’re spawning efficiently – check out my Object Pooling tutorial as the next step to this.

Spawn Responsibly.

Object Pooling Tutorial:

0:00 Summary of Video
0:22 Setting up Spawner GameObject
1:01 Script Properties
1:21 The many types of Instantiate
4:41 Spawn on a set Timer
6:22 Calling SpawnObject from other Scripts
7:12 Adding Spawn Effects
8:18 Randomize Spawn List
9:49 Organize Properties
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