How to play the 3.0.0 Developer Build of Dead By Daylight

So this is how to the 3.0.0 build of DBD working and running on your computer and it works with multiplayer KYF.

This video is under the creative commons zero license. If you want to learn more about this license, please go to this website here:


Dead by Daylight Dev Build Modding Discord:

Apologies, for the people seeing a video guide on this again, I have updated this guide completely with all the information that I learned. Full credit to Shmoul, Schinsly and Reknak for their assistance and showing how to get the Dev Build working.

——–The following links are for the same file, they are just alternative links——–
Dead By Daylight 3.0 Build Mega Link:

Dead By Daylight 3.0 Build Google Drive Link:

Alternative Dead By Daylight 3.0 Build Google Drive Link:

Another Dead By Daylight 3.0 Build Google Drive link:


Pastebin Link for Fiddler Customise Rules (Copy and Paste into Fiddler):

List of Console Command From this Video:

Note: Multiplayer does work, but it requires you to have Steam running in the background logged into an account that has bought Dead By Daylight and Fiddler also running in the background when you start the Dev Build from one of the bat files (not the nosteam.bat file though).

Youtube original link

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