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Learn to make the best ever Hill Climb Racing Game in G-develop with Simran ma’am! Learn super fun coding projects with our expert mentors.

Coding Blocks Junior is a Coding Blocks initiative to teach free coding to school students. Join our Free and Certified Coding Courses today & become a Coding Superhero!

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đź”— Game Lab in Code.org – http://bit.ly/cbjr-gamelab​
đź”— Cyber Security Basics – http://bit.ly/cbjr-cybers​
đź”— Block Programming (New Batch) – http://bit.ly/cbjr-blocknew​
đź”— Block Programming (Batch 3) – http://bit.ly/cbjr-block3​
🔗 Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming Full Course: https://bit.ly/cbjr-codeyourself​
🔗 C++ for Grade 11: http://bit.ly/cbjr-c11​
🔗 C++ for Grade 12: http://bit.ly/cbjr-c12​
🔗 App Development for School Students: http://bit.ly/cbjr-appdev​
🔗 Game Development using Python: http://bit.ly/cbjr-gamedev​
🔗 Python (English): http://bit.ly/cbjr-pyeng​
🔗 Python for Grade 12: http://bit.ly/cbjr-py12​
🔗 Robotics Course: http://bit.ly/cbjr-robotics​
🔗 Web Development for Beginners Full Course: https://bit.ly/cbjr-webdev​
🔗 Learn to Code in Python Full Course: https://bit.ly/cbjr-python​
🔗 Ace GitHub for School Students: http://bit.ly/cbjr-acegithub​
🔗 CB Jr Live Quizzes: http://bit.ly/cbjr-quizzes​
🔗 CB Jr Star Performer: http://bit.ly/cbjr-starperformer​

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