[Grasshopper/Unity Tutorial] Sending Grasshopper Definition to Unity with Rhino.Inside

This is a tutorial video explaining the system I created to send Grasshopper definition to Unity using Rhino.Inside. After explaining the overview of the system how it works, I’m also showing how you can add your own UI which can be transferred from GH to Unity step by step.

I’ve also started a Patreon page and I would like to ask you for your support if you think the video content I create is somehow useful for you so that I could continue creating new videos.

00:00:00 Overview of GH to Unity System
00:05:20 Preparation
00:10:35 Unity Setup Overview
00:18:57 Grasshopper Setup Overview
00:23:31 Add New UI (Unity Setup)
00:36:37 Add New UI (GH Setup)
00:50:27 Using New UI
00:56:10 Summary and Future Plan

– Rhino 7
– Unity 2019.*

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