Grand Theft Auto V Vehicles In UE4 – (Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial)

Here’s a quick look at the code for the Vehicle and Player Character in case you need to reference it:

Also feel free to download a slightly updated version of the project to look at it in depth and play around with it at the link below:

Grand Theft Auto V is one of my favorite games ever. There are dozens of aspects that make it feel alive and one of the most prominent (and the namesake of the franchise) is the vehicle game play. Today we’ll tackle the challenge of having a player change possession from a third person character to a vehicle. It sounds like a basic things to do however it’s a solid learning opportunity for beginner to learn about Player Controllers. Come with me (and one of my favorite streamers DarkViperAU) to the magical world of Grand Theft Auto V and maybe you can help Rockstar develop Grand Theft Auto 6 in the future!

Oh hey there, you found me on YouTube. So come learn how to make a video game with me while using what I think is the most beginner friendly engine in the business.

I know when I first started learning how to create a video game I didn’t know where to start. It’s a pretty daunting task to learn all of it so I wanted to make videos that I wish I had access to at that time. Learning should be simple and fun, so that’s what my tutorial videos will aim to be! Please help support the channel for free by liking and commenting on the video and by subscribing to the channel! It doesn’t hurt anyone and it helps out a ton!

Be sure to let me know what topics you would like covered in the future!

Topics of discussion:
UE4 Player Controller
UE4 Pawn
UE4 Characters
UE4 Third Person Character Blueprint
UE4 Visibility
Unreal Engine 4 Player Controllers
Unreal Engine 4 Vehicles
Unreal Engine 4 Possession
Unreal Engine 4 Child Blueprints
Unreal Engine 4 Scene
Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints
Unreal Engine 4 Functions
Unreal Engine 4 Basics
Unreal Engine 4 Variables
Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5)
Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV)
DarkViperAU (love you bro)

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