Gdevelop FREE VISUAL Game Engine: 3 ways to make HEALTHBARS with GDEVELOP


 3 ways to make HEALTHBARS with GDEVELOP


Welcome to this focused tutorial on how to create Health bars with different systems with free visual game engine G DEVELOP.

Those who follow our videos with some regularity, already know that we are mainly covering long series of videos to build complete games, but in the middle, we can cover specific elements with one time videos to explain a mechanic or a specific feature and how it can be implemented.


In this case, we are going to cover the different possibilities to implement Health bars with G DEVELOP.


At first thought, it could be thought of as something of little importance, but in reality, it can have a major impact on the game as it is one of the main feedbacks that the player can receives.


To implement the health bar, we need some art assets that can be used for this purpose.

Since we are going to illustrate three different ways that falls under two different systems, we have found two different sprite sheets to be used and that we will put the links into the description of this video.

In two of the methods used, we have different animations for different states of the life level. So, for example, if we have a health bar with 5 levels and we have 10 levels of life, then we will need to adjust the ratio of the sprites to half of the actual impact on the life level.


In our case. We have found a life bar that has 8 different frames for 8 different life status.


The source files for the project and the html5 executable projects can be found on ITCHIO


For the this specific tutorial, we have used the following resources:

Links for the UI Assets


Medieval Castle

Skeleton Enemy

Swoosh Sound effect

The files and the demo for the tutorial will be be available through our website

Gdevelop Melee Combat System tutorial

Get you controllers ready, download Gdevelop and we will be starting …

GDevelop is an open-source, cross-platform game engine designed for everyone – it’s extensible, fast and easy to learn.

In its concept it is very similar to Scirra Construct game engine ( somewhat less polished) with a growing community developing games, tutorials and supporting the game engine development.

We will post a serie of easy gdevelop tutorials to let you start your way into game development.

Download Gdevelop is free!

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