Enhance Your Mobile Website Design | TIPS & TRICKS | 5 Portfolio Websites Reviewed on Mobile

Is your portfolio website mobile-optimized? Never overlook mobile website design because a large portion of your website traffic comes from mobile.

I usually only review the desktop version of portfolio websites but it’s time to change things up because, as we all know, mobile web traffic is only increasing and it already accounts for half of all web traffic.

For many, the mobile version of their website is an after-thought. This is a huge mistake. Why neglect half of your website visitors?

With this video, I review 5 portfolio websites on mobile and provide you with a plethora of mobile website design tips and tricks to help you make the mobile version of your portfolio website beautiful and effortlessly usable.

Websites reviewed:

Mobile optimization is key. Were you ever guilty of neglecting the mobile version of your website?

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