Defold Platformer Tutorial


Defold Platformer tutorial series.

Welcome to our new Defold Platformer tutorial series.

Below you will find the different videos of the serie and the links to all the resources that have been or are being used the tutorial.

The reason why we have started this tutorial, is because several subscribers asked us to approach the engine with our our particular style of making tutorials, because there wasn´t too much tutorials available that allowed to understand correctly the full process of creating a game with Defold.

We hope that this series will give an answer to those people and can help pave the way for a great engine.

As always if you want to see something specific in the tutorial, don´t hesitate to ask us.

Introduction to Defold game Engine

For those who don´t know it, Defold is a game engine that used to belong to KING, the mobile games developer, and publisher, until they decided to give the engine to the Defold Foundation, to make it free and open-source.

The engine is both a 2D and 3D engine, with some limited functionalities, that are very easy to get familiar with, a very lean interface, and scripting based on the LUA scripting language. The quality of the games that can be achieved is quite high as you can see in the videos that have been used in the introduction. If you want to learn how to make games, or you want to see other alternatives to other game engines, this tutorial series is for you.

In the first lesson, we went over the game engine IDE, its main blocks and its capabilities as engine to create multiplatform games.

in the second lesson, we have set the ground bases for a platformer/metroidvania prototype.

The resources used in the tutorial

The support page for our tutorial on on creating platformer with DEFOLD GAME ENGINE.

The source code will be hosted on and github

The code for the movement script, can be found on the platformer tutorial from the DEFOLD

The graphics assets can be found on


Medieval Castle

Skeleton Enemy

if you want to take a look at the GDevelop tutorials, check here

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