Custom character mesh setup | Action RPG – Unreal Beginner Tutorials | #02

#ActionRPG #UE4 #Azimotion
Welcome to the 2nd episode of the unreal engine action RPG tutorial series.
This would be a series where I will create and explain step by step process of creating “Azimotion”, the action RPG game.

In this episode:
00:00 UE4 Marketplace free stylized character download to a separate project
08:40 Migrate asset (character) to the main project
12:51 Assign UE4 default skeleton (ue4 mannequin skeleton)
14:49 Assign new skeletal mesh to third-person character blueprint
16:03 Assign UE4 default skeleton (ue4 mannequin skeleton – 2nd approach)
18:12 Packaging the project for windows

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Stylized character pack

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