Create DIALOGUE system for your game! | Unity tutorial

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This tutorial/guide will show you how to create a great Dialogue system – from a simple UI design to advanced triggers that allow you to open different messages from each character on the map. I will cover everything in 3 separate parts:
– Creating UI and animating it
– Scripting whole dialogue system and triggering from multiple characters
– Advanced dialogue system and how to combine it to your manager

➡️ Conversa plugin:

➡️ LeanTween animation plugin:

➡️ Graphics used in this video:

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This tutorial/guide will show you how
You will learn:
– How to create a conversation in Unity
– How to create a dialogue system in Unity
– How to design a dialogue UI (User interface)
– How to use a Dialogue Trigger
– How to create NPC dialogue
– How to animate Unity UI
– What is the best way to create dialogues in Unity

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Design UI
3:07 – Script dialogue trigger
7:23 – Script dialogue manager
11:18 – Display message
15:51 – Approaching NPC
18:36 – Animate UI
22:53 – Advanced dialogues

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