Complete Character Modeling Course for Beginners

The Complete Character Modeling Course for Beginners from Think Particle is a new series designed to bring you a new understanding of one of the most valuable skills in animation and game development. Character modeling is a process that feels rather daunting but when broken down step by step like Sam Welker has done in this series you’ll find it to be far more simple and achievable.

This series takes you step by step through Sam’s process of Character modeling with a bonus video covering some elements of Texturing in Substance Painter. Looking to get the most out of your software and begin pushing out fantastic character art? This course will get you started on creating your own 3D characters ready for rigging and animation.

This series covers techniques specific to Cinema 4D. These techniques can be applied to other programs however the tools will vary. Please be aware before purchasing that this series is geared towards the Cinema 4D user base.

This course covers many topics however this course does NOT cover rigging or animation. The texturing process covered does not take you in depth but rather gives you a look at the process used by Sam when he create’s a character.

Dive into the 6 part series today and get yourself ready to start modeling characters!

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