Blender 3.0 to Unity 2022 - Emissive Materials and AI

Blender 3.0 to Unity 2022 – Emissive Materials and AI

Let’s model and rig a character in Blender 3.0 that we import into Unity 2022 with correct rotation and emissive materials. We get the character to walk around with AI by writing just a few lines of C# code.

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In-depth learn how Low Poly Modeling in Blender:

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If you want to use the palette style UV coloring method, I go through that in both of the above linked videos.

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I’ve been modeling in Blender since about 2015 but more recently in the past couple of years. I’ve been making games and assets in Unity since 2011 and I’m currently working on a multiplayer RTS game that I’ll be happy to announce later this year.

I use a Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera to record my videos with the Olympus 17mm F1.2 lens as well as the Laowa F2.0 7.5mm compact dreamer lens. Sometimes I also use a GoPro Hero 8, a Insta360 One X and a Sony rx100 mark vii. For audio I use a Rode NTG shotgun microphone connected to a RME Fireface UFX II sound card.

Thanks a lot for watching and sharing my videos 🙂

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How To Export From Blender to Unity 2020

How To Export From Blender to Unity 2020

How To Export From Blender to Unity

Blender is quickly becoming one of the best tools to produce really good art for your games. A part from the high quality that it brings to the process, being open source represents also a very good way to bring more knowledge and info about Blender and the capabilities it has toward producing high quality art.

In the article we summarize some good youtube videos with tutorials that covers the process of bringing your art into new ones with more opportunities.

Export 3d models from Blender 2.83 to Unity with textures and Materials.

✅Asset Used in the tutorial House Model

Other Tutorials from Uguruz

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✅ Unity Beginner 3D Game Tutorial Series



Another interesting tutorial that you can follow when approaching the need of bring your Blender assets into Unity, in this case multi-meshes which always represent an interesting challenge into the exportation workflow.

This tutorial is accompanied with a very interesting blog post that will allow to understand better the steps that would need to be performed.




How to Import BLENDER FILES into Unity – Step by Step Tutorial by The Realtime Essentials

In this video, learn two ways to import Blender files into Unity with textures!