Building Next Gen Natural Environments in Unreal Engine | Unreal Educator Livestream

Creating next generation natural environments in Unreal Engine is an incredibly valuable skill for not only game developers but also for those visualizing architectural scenes, virtual production sets, broadcast environments, and much more. By leveraging the amazing Quixel MegaScan libraries, and in-engine tools such as Blueprint Landscape Brushes, Runtime Virtual Textures, procedural foliage placement you have all the tools you need to begin building next-gen environments.

For this stream, we were honored to have Unreal Engine Evangelist Paulo Souza. Paulo walk us through the next-gen tools and features in Unreal Engine 4.25 and share insight into some of what’s next in coming releases. We discussed what you need to learn or teach to make these amazing tools part of your arsenal for visualizing natural environments in Unreal Engine.



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