Best Indie Games of the E3 2019 Microsoft [email protected] Showcase

Best Indie Games of the E3 2019 Microsoft [email protected] Showcase

In this video, we take a look at my top picks of upcoming indie games shown off within the e3 2019 Xbox / Microsoft [email protected] showcase.

Although revealed as part of the [email protected] conference, within the conference microsoft showcased a mix of upcoming indie games, releasing across Xbox One , PS4 , Switch and PC.

Here is my list of indie games featured in the video:

1:01 – (1) Spiritfarer (2020)
2:39 – (2) Blair Witch (30th August 2019)
4:40 – (3) Felix the Reaper (2019)
5:51 – (4) Afterparty (2019)
7:10 – (5) Riverbond (9th June 2019)
8:10 – (6) 12 Minutes (Early 2020)
10:28 – (7) Creature in the Well (Summer 2019)
11:27 – (8) Night Call (Summer 2019)
12:40 – (9) Unto The End (TBC)
14:13 – (10) Supermarket Shriek (9th June 2019)
15:00 – (11) Way to the Woods (2020)

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