Asset Manager Explained | Inside Unreal

This week on Inside Unreal, Ben Zeigler will walk us through how to use the Asset Manager to efficiently categorize, load, and ship large amounts of data. We’ll explain the origin and purpose of the system, followed up by an in-editor tour of how Action RPG use the Asset Manager – including Blueprint nodes for Asynchronous Loading. We’ll also dive into an in-editor example of how to use the Asset Manager tools to investigate a packaged build, plus a code-focused section where we’ll discuss different ways to extend Asset Manager for a game.


00:00 Intro
00:18 Introduction & Overview
01:40 What is the Asset Manager?
02:50 Functions of the Asset Registry
04:14 Why does the Asset Manager exist?
07:18 Asset Manager Components
08:54 Defining a Primary Asset Type
10:00 Blueprint Usage
16:58 C++ Usage
19:10 Using Asset Bundles
20:30 Loading Best Practices
24:30 C++
29:23 Support for Cooking and Packaging
31:19 What is Chunking?
33:46 Assigning Chunks and Cook Rules
38:08 Debugging & Audit Tools
53:08 Advanced Uses
1:01:37 Question and Answers with Presentations
1:38:42 Information and Outro


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