Advanced Niagara Effects | Inside Unreal

This week we’ll learn how to recreate several advanced effects from the Unreal Engine 5 demo. We’ll walk you through the techniques and design theories behind the bats, insect swarms, and our recent position-based dynamics-driven popcorn sim: “The Kernel.” This deep dive will cover spatial hashes, boid simulators, constraints, procedural generation of structural support systems, and more!


00:00 Intro
01:25 Advanced Niagara Effects Reel
04:23 World Interaction
04:31 Niagara World Interfaces
07:39 Distance Field Analysis
10:52 Debug Visualizations
13:08 Implementation
13:48 Flocks
14:18 Flocks Overview
15:40 Avoid Distance Fields Surfaces
18:14 Spatial Hash
20:23 Vision
24:18 Flight Orientation
26:07 Vertex Animation Textures
27:19 Swarms Overview
27:43 Distance Fields Traversal
29:24 Static Mesh Skeletal Animation
32:14 State Machine
34:00 PBD
34:22 Continuous Collision Detection
35:14 Position Based Dynamics
40:04 Recreating Volumes
42:45 Hierarchy
45:32 Constraints
48:57 Swept Intersections
51:53 Safe Particle Distribution
53:50 Q&A
01:32:10 Information & Outro


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