Advanced Mesh Shaders | Martin Fuller | DirectX Developer Day


Mesh Shaders in DirectX 12 open up a new world of flexibility and performance for your geometry pipeline. This talk documents the optimizations required to beat the input and primitive assemblers. We demonstrate significant gains from index compression and a new culling granularity provided by per-meshlet bounding volumes. We also touch on advanced culling algorithms.

About the speaker:
Martin Fuller graduated in 1999 with a 1st class degree in computer graphics and ray tracing. He then moved into the field of real time graphics starting with Playstation1 and DirectX 6 as a 3D programmer working for Acclaim Entertainment. He worked on all major consoles and DirectX versions until in 2013 Martin joined the Xbox Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft. Specialising particularly in graphics and optimisation, Martin has been on the front line shipping all of Xbox One, DirectX 12, Xbox One X and now Xbox Series X and DirectX 12 Ultimate.

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