Accidentally Breaking The Geneva Convention in Mordhau (Mordhau Memes)

Warning: also includes several dick impalements, clog-based warfare and a man having his heart broken.

Hope you’re all having a blast on Mordhau in 2021 – I am.

A brutal medieval slasher, Mordhau’s gameplay consists of gloriously decapitating your enemies, being severely humbled at the hands of far superior players and, more often than not, inane and ridiculous interactions with the random mercenaries you’re fighting along side or against.

Sprinkle in the fast paced combat, cavalry charges, castle seiges and naked maul men memes and in Mordhau you’ve got all the makings of one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played in my life. Slicing off 3 enemies heads in one swing with a battleaxe will have you chasing the dragon for the rest of time, believe me.

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🎼 Music used:
Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod

Epic Dramatic Blockbuster by Rafael Krux

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