13 ULTIMATE FREE Unity 2020 Shaders!

This is a showcase of the 13 shader pack which features a selection of awesome shaders for almost any game type! Check it out on the Unity store for FREE today!

[+] Snow Shader
[+] Lava(3D) Shader
[+] Dissolve Shader
[+] Ocean Shader
[+] Simple Sine Wave Shader
[+] Force Field Shader
[+] Outline Shader
[+] Plasma Shader
[+] Grass Sway Shader
[+] Plexus Effect
[+] Blur Shader
[+] Depth Mask Edge Detection Shader
[+] Edge Detection Shader

This asset was developed on Standard Rendering Pipeline.
It may not work with HDRP/URP(LWRP).

Unity Store Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/ultimate-10-shaders-168611

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