The most important part of the Tennessee Titans offense

All year I have preached that Derrick Henry and the run game is the most important part of the Tennessee Titans’ offense, but is it?

For the Tennessee Titans’ offense to be successful, the run game needs to be on top of things, and Derrick Henry needs to be getting enough touches.

When Henry is getting the ball, it adds an extra task for the defense to pay attention to instead of focusing on only Ryan Tannehill.

Without a successful run game and Henry, the Titans offense wouldn’t be successful, right? Well, that’s what I have been preaching all season, but even when Henry doesn’t have a great game, the Titans offense still has found some success.

So is the passing game the most important part of the offense or the run game? It depends on each opponent. Throughout most of the season, the run game has helped the passing game get going.

Tannehill has thrown for more than 300 yards in three games as the starting quarterback, including the win against the Raiders where he threw for 391 yards.

The Titans may have to depend on the passing game again this Sunday. The Texans defense has allowed 265 passing yards per game and 109 rushing yards per game.

That definitely favors the Titans’ run game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans load the box and force Tannehill to beat them all game.

In the few games Tannehill has played where Henry hasn’t gotten the ball a lot or didn’t have many rushing yards, it didn’t turn out well for the Titans.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Titans want to go after the Texans through the air too. Shocking the Texans by blowing them out through the air could send shockwaves through the league and cement Tannehill as a starter in the league for the coming years.

I’d like to see Tannehill air the ball out and put 400 yards on the Texans and this would be the perfect game to do it. For this week, the most important part of the Titans offense could be the passing game.

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We’re counting down the hours until kickoff and this game could decide how the Titans end their season and if they make the playoffs.

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