Raymarching Shader – Unity CG/C# Tutorial _Chapter[9] = "Reflections"; //PeerPlay

Welcome to the ‘Raymarching Shader’ tutorial!
In this part I will show you how to create reflections for the raymarching shader. This gives a very cool look to your scenes!
My throat is still in recovery, but I hope you can understand me well enough.
I’m investing my time into researching algorithms/fractals, shaders, and audio solutions, so you don’t have to anymore. I choose to teach and share this knowledge in the best way that I can for anyone interested. I hope that in some way I may inspire someone else. Don’t we all want that?

This process of creating tutorials, takes time.deltaTime.
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Special Thanks to: Andrew Laboy, Devin the Dude, Derek Fegter, Patrick Nugent & Esperdyne


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