How to Step Up Your Video Marketing Game for 2020

[Ep. 60] How to Step Up Your Video Marketing Game for 2020:

NEW Opportunities & Challenges
Gurus out there will surely talk about the upcoming video marketing boom, which is of course true.

But almost no one will talk about the other side of the coin, so I’ll be here to talk about both, so you can prepare for them…

Notable Video Marketing Stats for 2020 that Opens New Opportunities…
Video consumption through mobile devices rises by 100% every year
60% of people film on their phones horizontally compared to 40% who shoot vertically – 75% of users prefer watching horizontally on their phones, while only 25% prefer watching vertically
LinkedIn video video campaigns have 82% view rates – 51% use this platform, where 84% says it has been successful for them
90% of interactive videos get viewed until the end or have completion rates – 83% of video marketers claim success, and 23% use this platform as a channel
360 videos – 74% claim success in using it – 14% of business use it and 19% plan to use it in the coming years
Virtual Reality – 11% of marketers use it – 64% claim they have been successful and 11% plan to use it in the coming years
Tough Competition & Video Saturation Becomes A New Challenge
Unlike 5 years ago that any videos are HOT, mediocre videos will not longer cut it.

Video marketing, just like websites and funnels will be pretty common, and if you’re not step up your game to be unique and different, you’ll just be one of the common ones out there.

What to do?
With the growing demand with videos, you should start offering video marketing services (if you still haven’t done so).

But don’t just do this as a common freelancer. Today, you have the chance to be a BOSS by becoming a video marketing consultant, offering video marketing services to business owners, without having to do the services yourself.

That’s because today, I’m opening a pre-enrollment in my program….

[Ep. 60] How to Step Up Your Video Marketing Game for 2020:


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