Gaming Gone Wild – When Simulators Get Too Real

In case you hadn’t noticed the gaming world is on fire with new technologies that are taking augmented and virtual reality and thrusting it into the gaming venue. Too when we look at the animation industry we see all sorts of intriguing new technology.

Now when we couple all this with the new software for voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and motion sensing, what we have is a whole new era of gaming, and it coming to a living room near you, and amazingly at affordable prices too. Merely due to the incredible economies of scale involved and the vast number of gamers globally.

We know that we already have aircraft simulators and the military uses simulators for training; that are so real that you have to watch the heart rates of the humans using them so you don’t give them a heart attack. That makes sense, and now this technology is getting cheaper. When we put all the MIT Haptics research, with the UK’s C.A.V.E. VR project, and add in the animation, surround a sound, brain wave propagation, and recognition systems it looks as if we really will be able to create the Matrix.

We need to be careful when we create a secondary real world, and those who play them should realize the risks; both health and addiction to the games. Still, all in all the future of gaming will be totally intense and the future will be a rush and a wild ride as gaming and simulators get so real, your mind will forget which world you are in. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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