Cloth Selection Menu | Cloth System | Tutorial | Random Character | Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

in This video i am going into show you How i created Random Character for unreal engine 4.

First in character creator i create Face and Body.

In marvelous designer i create cloths and export as a OBJ File.

in character creator i import OBJ File and convert obj file into cloths.

in character creator i Export character as a FBX File With Cloths.
I Export 5 FBX Files.
3 character File With Cloths.
2 Animation File.

In Auto desk Maya i import FBX File And Export as a FBX File.
I Export 9 FBX Files.
1 character File.
6 Cloths File.
2 Animation File.

in unreal engine.
importing FBX File.
Creating character blueprint, animation blueprint and blendspace1D.
coping Skin Material, Eye Material and color Material.
Creating widget for cloth selection menu.

Character Design



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