Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 70 (2/1/20) Open World Space Game

In this video, I cover the new additions to the galaxy map. You now have the ability to search the galaxy map for sectors, stations and bookmarks. These items will list out below the search box, and provide you with easy access to the tooltip, map location, and gps options. You also have to ability to clear individual search results from the list. There is no limit on the characters required for a search, but the list will only display the first 20 or so results.

I also made a major change to the target and fleet command panels. I have added a special drag-to-resize button on the lower right corner of the targeting panel. This will allow you to resize the targeting panel, giving you more space on the target list, and less space used by the fleet command panel. This really helps if you don’t have any mercs, or only have a few. Resizing the fleet command panel will also resize the NPC tooltip.

I made some major progress on the player build structures. I still have a few small panels to complete, but I expect to finish them up in time for update 91. In this video I show how some of the basic structure functions work. Once I finish up the the admin panel, I will work on fleshing out a few of the details for the basic tier 1 structures. Each structure will require 2 or 3 main building components to construct. Once construction begins, the structure will remain usable for a short time while the modifications take place.

I hope to have the update ready in about 6 days. stay tuned for the release of build 91.

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